Actress, Singer, Model, TV Host, Writer, Artist & Creator.

"I'm creating a life with the mission to do what I love and be happy whilst bringing love and happiness to others."
- Colette

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Blind Dragon 

Thanks to the awesome band at Blind Dragon for having me perform with them last week! 
Definitely want to come back and do it again!!

Badass Biker 

Had so much fun trying to be tough on set for this undisclosed TV show... think I make a good badass biker babe!

Baby Commercial 

Got to have a lot of fun, plus some mum training, on set working with 8 month old babies for a Baby Brand to be revealed soon! 

Behind the Scenes 

Here's a preview and a behind the scenes look at a Short Film I shot this week with amazing Norwegian director Petter Tangmyr. I loved playing such a diverse and complex character- from sweet and innocent to crazy junkie. Great work by make up artist Linda Lygdback for transforming me completely through many different looks. 


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